From now on we will have a featured profile section on This is to encourage users who love and live on social networking sites like Orkut, MySpace, facebook, Hi5 etc.

featured profile

Featured Profile FAQs :

Q. What is this?

Ans : Featured profile is a specially designed section to feature profiles from networking sites. It will show the display image (avatar), link to scrapbook, message, testimonial and teaser of the featured user.

Q. How frequently do you change Featured profiles?

Ans : In order to feature maximum profiles, we will change them in a daily basic.

Q. Are you charging any money for this?

Ans : No. This is absolutely FREE.

Q. What will happen once my profile gets listed there?

Ans : is visited by thousands of visitors everyday. We list featured profiles on the top right navbar, which is a highly eye catching area. So, this is obvious that your profile will get noticed by many people worldwide. Isn’t that enough to make you popular? :P

Q. What should I do to get my profile shown in Featured Profile List?

Ans : Simply follow below steps and get your profile listed as a featured profile.

  1. Select a picture from (we have loads of categories to choose from).
  2. Copy the code & send to all your friends.
  3. You need to have at least 100 friends in your list to qualify for this.
  4. Once done with the above, contact us here.
  5. Upon receiving your request, we will feature your profile in a timely manner.
  6. That’s it.

Q. Will you consider any request without sending glitter scraps to friends?

Ans : No. We will not entertain such requests. Send our glitter scraps first, then make a request.

Q. How will you know if I’ve sent scraps or not?

Ans : First of all if we are helping you in something, you should not cheat us. We check all your friend’s scrapbooks and see if you have sent them scraps or not. Also, don’t give lame excuses like your friend’s scrapbook is locked and hence we can’t verify them. We are the persons behind and it will not take us more than 20 secs to break into any locked orkut scrapbook and find out the reality.

Simple funda. Send our scraps to all your friends, request us here and get featured.

If you have anything to say, drop a message here.


- Bapun